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Omarion Says He Is A Beter Dancer Than Chris Brown!


6 Responses to “Omarion Says He Is A Beter Dancer Than Chris Brown!”

  1. imjustwondering Says:

    lol do you guys copy every single video from WSHH on the daily?

  2. imjustsaying Says:

    of course omarion is a better overall dancer than chris. chris is young and has a lot more to smoothen up, both are GREAT artists/entertainers

  3. Miss_Sassy Says:

    I don’t think Omaion is a better dancer than Chris. He needs to stop shittin on B2K too! They took his stankin a*s to where he is now!

  4. Miss_Sassy Says:

    BTW, you didn’t spell better right xD

  5. Spit Says:

    He don’t stand a chance against Chris…

  6. G-Money Says:

    Omarion is a b***h. How u gonna diss the people u got money wit and tthen try and say he better then Chris. Omarion dosent even have a fan base and nobody n the game respect him, Wayne dropped him for a reason. and if u think he better then Chris then u don’t know what the hell u talkn bout.

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