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Birdman Goes In A LA/Gucci Store & Spends $210,000 With A $140K Ring!


3 Responses to “Birdman Goes In A LA/Gucci Store & Spends $210,000 With A $140K Ring!”

  1. d. Says:

    buuuurrrrr…getcha roll on citizens

  2. James Is An Atlanta Jeweler Says:

    BIRDMAN: I’m sorry to inform you that you didn’t spend $210,000 on a ring that’s “ALLEGEDLY” listed for $140,000 and i’ll tell you that to your face.

    I don’t understand why you spend money in this manner? now i’m a real jeweler myself and there’s no way i’d charge anyone more than what my jewelry is retailing for in my store.

    Please stop this BABY it’s really not necessary to continue spending your money as if you’re going to die tomorrow.

  3. Young S-K Says:

    TO JAMES THE ATLANTA JEWELER Get off of Birdmans d**k!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean dam he rich plus he cant die wit all that money .You only live once! He did what he had to do to get to were he is today so stop haten and get you some paper!!!!!! Maybe you wont be concerned wit what he spend his money on if you had you some!!!!!!!!

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