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Lil’ Nico Apologizing to Lil’ B (Wants to Meet in Person)


Lil’ Nico gets on his webcam to let everyone know his side of the story…ya feel me…and clear up why he punched Lil’ B.

So everyone, EVERYONE! Lil’ Nico would like you all to know that he punched Lil’ B because Lil’ B laughed at him about putting him on to Soulja Boy.

-Thank you, that is all-

13 Responses to “Lil’ Nico Apologizing to Lil’ B (Wants to Meet in Person)”

  1. ? Says:

    2 late now lill n***a!they gonna feed u2 the sharks.what goes around comes around!

  2. Says:

    ya feel me

  3. Anonymous Says:

    that dude’s career is done. his pride his hurt, that little n***a just don’t understand. s**t like that could get him and his family f**k up or killed. black niggas don’t understand that some niggas want revenge by any means. me for one i would want to get even. the only revenge would be death. and that is word

  4. TYBO2020 Says:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    who is this “you feel me” dude anyway???

  6. Anonymous Says:

    lil nico a chump for that s**t…real niccas square up and throw blows head up..WHere dey do that? sucka s**t forreal

  7. Wayne Says:

    I wouldn’t help his punk a*s out either! I wouldn’t laugh at him but still….after that, I got no love for you cuz. Basically u were just pretending to be cool with dude so you could get put on. I don’t support alot of stuff that goes on in the hiphop community and i don’t support some artist and their music cause its foolishness. Everyone of yall little boys need to grow the f**k up!!! Stop being so childish and simple minded. Its more to life than flash, ice and cars. Start doing something positive with your money and star power. You think you are helping and representing the neighborhoods you come from, but you are only making it worse and giving it a bad reputation. Yall are really starting to disgust me! There aren’t anymore leaders, Just little a*s boys impressed by material things.

  8. credible Says:

    Y’all little niggas need to learn to keep your emotions in check. Too many African Americans are in prison or dead behind stupid s**t like this. Jealousy is a motherfucker! Instead of snuffing him and putting it on the internet to try to play him, u were suppose to try to get cool with the n***a. U know how many niggas out here tryin’ to get put on? Too many my n***a. Let’s hope this s**t don’t get ugly. ‘Cause the only people that thought that s**t was cool is most of these fake, in the house all day, punk a*s internet thugs. REAL NIGGAS A’INT LIKE THAT S**T AT ALL. Get right with God.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    nah, dont feel ya…thats more than childish, thats a good way to get yo head blown off….next time, if there is a next time, put it in a lyric and tell everybody about yo frustration.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    whut thappin ?

  11. Says: have eminem new album recovery and hd videos

  12. Brooklyn Says:

    lil b wanna laugh at niggaz see wat he gets..n***a aint p***y 4 swinging off wat the f**k else was he supposed 2 do ?stand up n tell tha n***a lets fight cmon lil b thought he was the shyt look at the video untill his a*s got popped in the lip …p***y n***a u feel me…let a man try 2 front on me on a video his a*s gonna get washh tha fuckk upp like dirty laundry u fuckin figg a digg my nigg Bitchass mothafukazz!!!!WATCH WHO U LAUGH AT CUZ U MIGHT GET KNOCKED THE F**K OUT!!!!BROOKLYNNN

  13. 52 HGC^ Says:

    yall ni66as trippin real s**t….let dem ni66as handle the situation they want to handle it….fucc all tha hatin people cuhh real spill

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