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WTF: US Restaurant – King of The Jungle Becomes Burger King


This US restaurant is taking Lions from King of The Jungle to Burger King, serving up 1/3 lb lion burgers.

You hungry?

9 Responses to “WTF: US Restaurant – King of The Jungle Becomes Burger King”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    thats retarded there arent that many of these beautiful creatures left and you want to put them on your menu so you can attract sales f**k if i saw you i would feed youto the lion faggot!

  2. Cold Mu phuka Says:

    f**k you crackers…the original cannibals so what should we expect?

  3. ok Says:

    said it before white people need to be exterminated

  4. whitepeps Says:

    what the f**k does this have to do about race ? you just ignorant , this is about animals not white people , dumb fucks

  5. blah blah blah Says:

    As a cracker reading this I’ll remember to give the Asians, the Latins, and the other Crackers the job when hiring. If your ancestors were left in Africa odds are you would die from a horrible disease before the age of 40 and not live as long as in America. Oh, but I forgot….black on black crime is a problem in the big city…so you might not make it that long anyway. : ( Come on genius stop drinking the tap water, push that brain cell to solve a problem instead of create one.

  6. wtf Says:

    can we even eat lion??? i know its not good to eat pig sooo we cant just put any type of meat in our mouths…. their very weird…..

  7. wtf Says:

    what is blah blah blah talking about? the jerk off probably talks bad about “blacks” all day long but when they here cracker they wanna cry… LMAO

  8. animal-cracker Says:

    haha is this a debate on race or the right to eat lion ? If so then i want to eat monkey brains !

  9. ehh Says:

    Id try one. prolly just taste like chicken. fuckin everything does apparently.

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