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Keith Murray Says He Squared Off Against 2pac & Gave Dame Dash 10 Stitches


Keith Murray claims he got in a scrap with 2Pac and gave Dame Dash 10 Stitches.

9 Responses to “Keith Murray Says He Squared Off Against 2pac & Gave Dame Dash 10 Stitches”

  1. MichaelTrajjikk Says:

    My n***a wipe ya mouth….But real talk, dat brotha Keith Murry aint no joke when it come to dat street s**t

  2. WestCoast Says:

    sounds like another co ck su cker to me. kill ya self fool you too michael

  3. Paranoidone Says:

    Man that n***a can’t never rap on my mike all dat spit

  4. fresh mic Says:

    he said he fought pac but notice he didnt say who won lmao

  5. Anonymous Says:

    why is he jus now sayin dis why not say dis bac in da day win pac murderin everybdy on records bac then wen he cud hav confrontd u like a man and been able to speak on it about his part, lame a*s

  6. westupson Says:


  7. NInjaNoise Says:

    He’s drunk.

  8. Hip Hop Hardest Beats Says:

    What you know about hip hop music?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    This N***a is a straight B***H this n***a waited YEARS!!! before he even made up some disrespectful s**t about 2 PAC.

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