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Headshot: Seconds Away From Death The Lion Gets It Between The Eyes (Savagery or Sport?)


Damn that lion was a beast, you see how it came charging out of the bushes, IDK if it weren’t for guns I don’t think we’d still stand a chance.

So what do you think is this SAVAGERY or SPORT?

8 Responses to “Headshot: Seconds Away From Death The Lion Gets It Between The Eyes (Savagery or Sport?)”

  1. WIlliamIsABeast Says:

    That’s what should happen to shyne For putting out such wack music. Matter Fact, you should re-do the video and put shynes face on the lion.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    f**k this idiots!
    LION KING 4eva!

  3. young city Says:

    b***h a*s muthafukas y da fuk dey out der hunting lions n shyt rednek bitches go kill ur self n call dat a sport

  4. Paranoidone Says:

    thats fucked ^

  5. 50fan Says:

    I.M.O If they kill it they have to eat it.

  6. L.F.C Says:

    I ate a sandwich today!

  7. sinner50 Says:

    I agree with with young city….I hunt hunters f**k these muther fuckers…im like the lion but i dont bite…come on my turf with guns ill blow you the f**k out…show you faget a*s hunters what a sharp shooter is!!!

  8. keepitreal Says:

    if that bullet wouldve missed… bet they wouldnt be showing this… lucky b*****d… go fk yourself… let that lion be…

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