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July 4, 2010

Going Mel Gibson: Stupid 7yr Old Girl Gets On COD4 Mic & First Thing She Says Is N***er & Then Drops F Bomb


I think everyone has heard this on Call of Duty 4 or any other online game…

10 Responses to “Going Mel Gibson: Stupid 7yr Old Girl Gets On COD4 Mic & First Thing She Says Is N***er & Then Drops F Bomb”

  1. michael Says:

    This is what our society is lookin forward to, our children actin like barn animals? I blame her parents, cause her attitude reflects their leadership..if she was my kid, that ps3 would b put on craigslist, and the only cursing she’d b doin is in da library studyin for her 2nd grade spelling test!!

  2. Paranoidone Says:

    man i would have shoved that microphone down her fuckin throat

  3. MARZ Says:

    this is y we’ll never get along,the lil coward telling her what 2 say an isnt that a lil black girl in the vid also if so her parents need 2 sent her down an talk 2 her an she should never ever go over 2 that racist house. come on people wtf y r white people getting back 2 there ways as if its1950 this has 2 end

  4. Antoine [email protected] Says:

    yeah that’s what you get if you watch jwoww on the jersey shore to much.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    amercia the most unracist but still racist country in the world. if we are the leaders of the free world i would hate to be a follow.

  6. filthynastyandyou Says:

    wtf….. a cop!

  7. IRE JAMZ Says:

    sony should create a software that eliminates cursing or racist remarks to be transmitted to the online games !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!like when u say a curse a bleep passes through the mic and as soon as a curse word is said it should boot u off the game with out saving any data !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tiki Says:

    What the hell was that!! I fault her parents because they are tellin her things to say like it’s really funny! That s**t ain’t funny or cool at all! She needs her mouth washed out with soap literally! She needs to be removed from the residence just temporary because her parents need some parenting education and give them a few days in jail just to let them think about how crazy that really was and is to let that girl talk like that. Man some people really shouldn’t be parents.

  9. Thomas Says:

    LOL!!! funny s**t 😀

    i would go crazy if id think id get my a*s whooped in COD by a 7 year old girl hahaha

    and god id be swearing lmao

    thats what this is about?!

    get a fucking life if you aint ever played COD and dont know that this is all in fun
    and it is great fun!

    try it 🙂

    anyways.. this couldnt happen to me. cuz i always win!

    ill nuke yall asses!

  10. aka g-baby Says:

    dis little white girl get a fucking beat down by me mang say n***a again an my face all hell well be a pound you i wish someone who anit black say that im buying a glock 19 foo

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