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Rogue Philly Cops Beat Man, Askira Sabur For 2 Mins, Fracturing His Arm, Gashing His Head


These dudes aint police at this point. Just goons with badges

10 Responses to “Rogue Philly Cops Beat Man, Askira Sabur For 2 Mins, Fracturing His Arm, Gashing His Head”

  1. y Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    this is exactly why niggas be killing cops without remorse yo F.C.K AKA FEARLESS COP KILLERS f**k the police

  3. SLIME Says:

    That’s exaktly why we as blak people will never go far in life before it is all over……

  4. A-boogieDaBeast Says:

    Willie lynch is a muuhfucka……das all i have to say. if you dont know what im talkin bout look it up son.

  5. Patriot Says:

    The idiot who calls himself Anonymous is a fucking idiot. I hope a search warrant is issued to obtain your idenity and you are arrested because like it or not that’s a terroristic threat… What kind of s**t is that to say? You sir are a fucking idiot… When your house gets robbed or you wife gets raped don’t call the police COP KILLER!

    Willie Lynch, Seriously? With his methods of keeping slaves un-united by dividing & conquering…How does that even apply? Because it’s a series of black officers attempting to subdue a black man? Not even relevant! I’m glad that you know who Willie Lynch is but you tried to look super smart and looked pretty dumb! Don’t worry it happens some times.. Keep Reading Though!

    Bottom Line…If you weren’t there and do not know why the subject was being arrested you need to shut the f**k up. Let’s just say he was caught raping your child and resisted arrest… What then? Is it okay to escalate the level of force.

    Public opinion, it’s whats for dinner… I just looked his name up on a public database since it’s attached to the video and he aint a fucking angel…. This most certainly aint Askira’s first run in with the law…. Let’s just call him a Convicted Felon to sum it up

    My prayers go out to all who suffered 9 years ago!

  6. leya Says:

    no matter what he did if they wasnt in danger and he was unarmed why the f**k would u beat him like an animal? he has rights reguardless of crime. some cops just get too mad and forget they on a job so i hope they all lose they jobs for pointing a gun into the crowd and he was clearly outta control i mean just becuz he was guilty doesnt mean beat him til he submits wtf smh

  7. JE2232 Says:

    How do you know he was unarmed he keep putting his arms behind and under his body he could have pulled a knife a gun a afk47 Tec9 and shoot someone why they wanted him to show them his arm i dont agree with the way they did but they did right thing to avoide putting there own lives at risk my opinion why tazers are made and cops never use them right place a read they tazered a 90 year old senior before you judge put your self in the shoes of these cops if you had to deal with a unknow person who keep putting his hand out of your site and maybe in thre pockets what would pop up in your head…..

  8. JE2232 Says:

    There really is a time to make a point and when someone i banging on your head with a stick that is not the right time and place
    You were not doing anything wrong but to stop the stick beating follow what they say

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Bottom Line there’s about Six cops there !!! No Matter what he did or has done you don’t beat people like they were Animals !! What if that was your Child or your Dad . It’s Just not right and makes cops look Reallly Bad .. in closing f**k the Cops !!

  10. Mr. Incredible Says:

    First of all, I was actually there that night. He did not deserve to get beat like that,and what happened after the video cuts off, was some crazy stuff. Whether right or wrong no one needs to have the livging snot beat out of them. There is a fine line between upholding the law and abusing it, and that cop wa way cross that line, also to brand ur gun in a open crowd is unlawful. Yes we do look for cops to maintain order in the community… some degree, and i understand if they could not visibly see his hands then brutal force needs to be applied, but when it takes 5 cops to see his hands then teres something wrong wit that picture. Bottom line it was a cruel beating for anyone to endure. My prayers go’s out to verone involved in this twisted mess.

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