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Bloods Gangs In Brooklyn, New York (Documentary)


Doc on Brooklyn Bloods

3 Responses to “Bloods Gangs In Brooklyn, New York (Documentary)”

  1. Joe Says:

    Lmfao.. this video is under the “Animals” category.

  2. Dub Says:

    Thats what happens when you fight dogs, you get shot!

  3. shea whitey Says:

    holy s**t this is exactly why white people fear The Negro. fck, talk about a racist caricature.

    a young black man repeating the N-word/rYo Respect/and You know where i be coming from/etc.

    the usual We got guns , fighting pitbulls(who actually make nice pets), etc.

    then we have a brawl, the narrator gets shot and fckd up and the cycle repeats.

    I am a demigod from the Sky People. we have fckd up Earth s**t up for 2500 years. and unfortunately true warrior culture is dead(never mind your yelling and posturing for the cameras bitches).

    so sadly my puffy jacket friend-know the Truth. a douche bag making $9 and hour at Walmart has a better chance at survival for himself, his b***h and his whelpspawn than you. s**t G, walmart pays for health insurance yo.

    for you are no Godfather, no leader of Men. but damn, we like your gold teeth.

    plus Blackman, we totally get it. Fortune favors the bold. just remember for every Capone or Jay Z there are 1 million douchebags per city block.

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