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SouljaBoy x 50 Cent – “Mean Mug” Music Video


Quick video for SouljaBoy feat 50 Cent – “Mean Mug”

New track off SouljaBoy’s upcoming album

7 Responses to “SouljaBoy x 50 Cent – “Mean Mug” Music Video”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    this is the 50 we f**k with, the gudda a*s n***a from queens

  2. Anonymous Says:

    this is 50 Cent true colors

  3. Anonymous Says:

    yea dats alrite rite there

  4. tony balance Says:

    yo my dude..but this SouljaBoy …s**t..come on

  5. Young S-K Says:

    To Tony Balance stop haten n***a!!! I mean dam why the f**k do people listen to a song just to hate on it !!! Go Soulja Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I respect any n***a out here gettin his grind on. Plus at 20 years old can you say you had Soulja Boy paper ? I didnt think so !!! So take his d**k out yo mouth and stop haten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. sam Says:

    LOL @ Young S-K
    buht yeah cant wait to see the official vid

  7. abraham Says:

    this song is gay

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