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Real Pet Sematary: Man Has Dog Put To Sleep, Comes Home & She’s Awake!


Matt Olivarez of Redford, Michigan made a very tough decision to have his 10-year old Rottweiler put to sleep, after his vet advises him it would be best.

The dog, Mia suffers from spinal injuries, can barely walk and is in constant pain, so Olivarez agreed to have it euthanized. But miraculously, the dog woke up the very next day.

“I watched her basically die in front of my eyes, at least I thought she was. And now I got to go through it again? I mean, come on, man,” Olivarez said.

Thinking the dog was dead, Olivarez brought her home to decide whether to bury her, or to have her cremated. Much to his surprise, when he walks in from work he next day, Mia is alive sitting by her food bowl.

“When I came home from work, you know I was like, she was sitting right there, you know, in front of her bowl of food. All I know is that, when they injected her, they injected her twice. And, she went to sleep. And they said, ‘That’s it. She passed.’ And they gave me a blanket, wrapped her up. I took her home. And I wanted to figure out what I wanted to do with her. And, the next morning, I came back, she was wide awake,” Olivarez said.

Now he’s left with an even tougher decision. Whether or not he should take Mia back to the vet to be put to sleep again.

“You know, what if I would have buried my dog alive? What if I had her cremated, you know? She would have gotten burned alive. You know, that’s animal cruelty. You know, like, all type of stuff, like, I explained that to my kids. How am I going to explain to my kids, I gotta kill Mia twice? I gotta kill her again? My kids are eight and nine years old. I mean, she’s a family dog,” he said.

The clinic where he originally took Mia has agreed to refund his money.

I have to be real, if I brought my dog home after being put to sleep, I would bug out. The guy had to carry her from the clinic to his car, then from his car inside his garage. She obviously wasn’t breathing.

This is just like the movie ‘Pet Sematary.’

3 Responses to “Real Pet Sematary: Man Has Dog Put To Sleep, Comes Home & She’s Awake!”

  1. Tiki Says:

    Man that’s crazy! I wish it was a way for the doctor to run some tests to find out that she is okay after all with no spinal problems. That would be a good family gift. To have to put her to sleep again would be hard.

  2. te Says:

    she doesnt want to die just yet

  3. Anonymous Says:

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