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The F*ck? Canadian Football Team Goes Into Stands, Brawls W/Fans. Swinging Helmets & Stomping N*ggas [Caught On Tape]


A football game between two amateur teams in Canada got ugly really fast, when players started scapping with fans.

The St. Leonard Cougars and the Hamilton Hurricanes were playing at Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton, Ontario on Saturday October 16, when all hell broke loose.

Players from the Cougars claims fans were hurling insults and bottles at them, so they went into the stands and went ape sh*t.

Players are seen punching fans, swinging helmets and milk crates, stomping on people’s heads. This looks like a fight between two gangs instead of players and fans.

The coach of the St Leonard team, Jeff Rached says he warned the referees in the second quarter things might get out of control reports UK Metro.

“I asked the head referee to get security in the second quarter,” Rached said. “Look, I’ve been coaching football for a long time. You can’t have people pulling that sh*t back there and have nothing happen … Drinking, insults, throwing bottles and water… These aren’t professional players that realize, “Oh, if I do something, they can sue me for millions.”’

The fight lasted over three minutes.

Both teams play in the Ontario Football Conference for 18-20 year olds.

All I know is I saw a bunch of people getting their a** whooped by big dudes wearing football gear, just crazy.

14 Responses to “The F*ck? Canadian Football Team Goes Into Stands, Brawls W/Fans. Swinging Helmets & Stomping N*ggas [Caught On Tape]”

  1. reggie Says:

    That how we roll is canada lol

  2. Anonymous Says:

    montreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… leonard is in montreal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    thats what happens fuckin with mtl niggaz!!!!…lololol

  4. young falow Says:

    let tham know you cant do that to people… it not 1956 no more it 2010 love the hole word…. colmubus it 2010… and why….

  5. fck canada Says:

    canadians fight like fagoots

  6. Anonymous Says:

    yo those dudes had cleets on stomping dudes out like that dawm

  7. meoff jack Says:

    thease n***a is week they wont do that s**t in L.A i know that niggas will get done up if the run up … niggas walk with stainless arround here WTF… an if any thing those fans look like harmles cats ..

  8. pam Says:

    wow.. that got me fired up! I wanted to get in there and start swingin myself

  9. pam Says:

    Not to mention 9 mtl players on 2 guys (WAY TO HOLD IT DOWN HAMMERTOWN) some with their helmets still on! You know that s**t wouldn’t happen in the streets, FO SHO! NEC Hamilton!!

  10. pam Says:

    I think the guy in grey hoodie held his own against 8 playersin orange and blue and REP’D for the guys in red GOOD JOB!!

  11. roman Says:

    thats how we roll in hamilton. b***h a*s muthafuckas snap wen they lose to us

  12. Saint Says:

    Man they make Raider games look like a church gathering..LOL!

  13. mamamamamamamamamma Says:

    fuk canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NY NY NY NY

  14. M EASY MONEY Says:


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