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WTF? Ukraine Baby Yoga


is this s**t real?

194 Responses to “WTF? Ukraine Baby Yoga”

  1. Mike Says:

    I don’t like it

  2. Dan Says:

    No babes should be submitted to activities that involves risk until it has grown enough to make a decision for itself. No one has the right to put another life at risk, specially a babe.
    Pls, avoid that babe from going through that again !

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think this is a fake. The baby’s arms and legs never seem to move position unless that Ukrainian lady manipulates them in that bizarre routine. Also you can’t see a change of skin colour in the baby at all when its being swung around , surely the neck/head area would go red from all the blood flow rushing to that area? Also that baby’s neck muscles look remarkably strong considering a newborn/small baby can’t even hold their heads up properly until they’re about 6 months old…

  4. norman Says:

    If anybody thinks this is actually real they must be dumb enough to be from the Ukraine

  5. Stanley Eaglefeathers Says:

    So my question is, what happens if the baby starts taking a s**t mid exercise?

  6. Irina Says:

    WTF lady! Put that baby DOWN! You should be in jail just for touching that child! Seriously is this crap legal? Throw her a*s in jail.

  7. you're all from youtube Says:

    funny how everyone here cares soooooo much about this video.
    1. it is obviusely a real baby, anyone who says otherwise is basically stupid, fake babies don’t move, period.
    2. she is from ukraine, so those of you who say “call child services etc etc” ukraine doesn’t give any fucks towards your american/wherever you happen to be laws.
    3. yes this is fucking terrible that someone does this to a child, especially since there appears to be no safety equipment anywhere, just a bunch of fucking rocks
    4. posting about how you are disgusted about this video and how you vomited and how this lady deserves to die is attention needy. everyone else agrees with you, and the fact that your disgusted isn’t anything special. if you really want to “help” call ukraine and file a complaint
    5 while i do not know the “benefits” if any. don’t be so quick to hate i guess. yes it’s terrible, yes she really isn’t in the right mindset or beliefs etc etc. but since i don’t really know i wont judge (much) if i get mad at this i have to get mad at everything else to that could be considered abuse, neglect, etc etc, or whatever else that comes up that is biased
    6. it’s kinda her job, while she should think of something else for a profession, the parents are the one taking the risk
    7 in closing yeah it’s dumb and stupid, and definetely borderline cruel. but honestly if you can’t think of something new to say other than “holy s**t what an evil women, kill her with guns and free the child and stop world hunger” it’s been said before so shut up

  8. Julia Says:

    Someone needs to find this sick f**k of a woman and torture her to death. Same goes for the mother and father.

  9. you're all from youtube Says:

    / \
    / \
    / \
    / \
    /__ __\
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |

    see? julia is completely against the abuse of the child (justly so) but is all for the torture and murder of the woman, and the child’s parents, while slightly hypocritical, she is posting on a comment board, and has easily lost her head, saying something that she would probably never say in public, due to being annonymous, i feel as though she didn’t read my previous comment (above hers) and skipped right to the reply box and began posting about murder and death and killing, and “sick f**k of a woman” is implying that the woman is doing it for her own benefits, it’s for the babies “benefit”, still not sure if there is one… and the parents satisfaction, while in extreme cases such as: gouging out your babies eyes will better prepare them for the world, come see me for help!!! would make her a “sick f**k of a woman” she is seriously overdramaticizing the video. personally i really hope she replies to this, because it will probably be emotional, she’ll call me a baby yoga supporter, and probably suggest that i be tortured and murdered too

  10. you're all from youtube Says:

    hmmmm, it seems my arrow was lost in translation…. yes those |,\,/, _ and = were supposed to make an arrow

  11. you're all from youtube Says:

    /__ __\
    .====~ arrow

  12. you're all from youtube Says:

    -_- i tried

  13. Pancakeus Maximus Says:

    This is bloody hilarious!

  14. Lauren Says:

    Okay 3 questions:

    1. How is that baby still alive? O__o
    2. Why didn’t it s**t all over her?
    3. Why is she allowed to do this?

    This is horrific. I mean, they tell you not to shake a baby because that’ll wreck it’s brain and this is the same thing just 10000x worse. WTF

  15. JizzleMahNizzle Says:

    Yo nigganigganigganigga I SEZ AH YO NIGGANIGGANIGGANIGGA

  16. Anonymous Says:

    you gotta crack a couple of eggs to make an omelet =/

  17. Joy Says:

    Hasn’t this woman heard of shaken baby syndrome??

  18. Demitrius Says:

    WHAT THE F**K!!!!!????????????

  19. Teartaye Says:

    Okay, for the sake of argument, let’s pretend the baby isn’t harmed (no brain injury, no dislocations, no tearing of soft tissue, etc.) and that it does help them be tougher (which is, supposedly, the point)…

    Who in their right mind would torture a helpless infant like that?! The baby is clearly terrified the entire time. She’s sobbing, she’s flailing her arms in that way they do when they’re scared and she’s trembling.

    I hope this woman sees the error of her way before she really hurts someone, and I hope the parents that let her handle their babies so roughly get them taken away and are charged with *something.*

    And to think I feel awful when I accidentally startle my son. Sheesh. Some people just should not be allowed to breed!

  20. David Says:

    She probably has s***k with cheerios in the morning too.

  21. Lee Says:

    Anyone who has ever had babies knows that the one in the video is scared to death. Babies that young do not necessarily cry when they are frightened. They tend to hold their breath and flail their arms, just as Teartaye says. And, the baby did start crying at one point….to those of you that want to argue that the baby was not, try watching the video again and actually paying attention to what the heck is going on. And, as member of the physics world, the force experienced by this baby during all the movements is enough to cause serious damage to the neck and brain of the baby, not to mention other ligaments and tendons.

  22. Lilly Says:

    Really, I do this all a time.

  23. Molly the Dog Says:

    I do this to my pups 24/7

  24. Roger the dad Says:

    I did this to my wife’s embryo, and he is now schizophrenic.

  25. Marie Says:

    This woman should be put in jail. She looks like she is enjoying it too much. I think she does this for herself.Not the baby.She’s sick.She’s a child abuser.If she lived in America, she’d be put away already. Somebody should do this to her,to she how she likes it.Shes such a freak she probably would like it.

  26. Ninarika Says:

    Jesus Christ. Does this woman not realize babies don’t have the muscles to support themselves and protect themselves during these kinds of exercises? I’m surprised it wasn’t injured.

  27. Aderyn Says:

    Jesus Christ, it’s a fake baby.

  28. Someone Says:

    Uh, no…it’s real. Look it up.

  29. Slander Says:

    I don’t see the big deal here. This woman is occupying herself a whole lot more with her baby than all you gen Y spawn had the pleasure of experiencing. The baby obviously doesn’t mind that much, he’ll get strong way before the rest of his future fellow kindergarteners, and probably a bit retarded due to internal bleeding in that fragile little head. But then again, he’ll fit right in when he moves to America as the poster-child of Baby Yoga gone awry.

  30. Runar Says:

    Look, ma! No hands!

  31. stacey Says:

    No matter what or how you look at that. its sick the baby’s bones haven’t even harden that is so sick the baby is prolly dizzy not to mention i’d say pretty darn close to shaken baby syndrome! I can’t believe she is not arrested frick go grab a doll or something to play with…the baby doesnt need fricken yoga.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    I… I think that is actually a real baby. Holy crap.

  33. Timmy B Says:

    I think that’s a guy

  34. Ukrainians??? Total diksheyts Says:

    The babay’s hucking arms and legs should have fallen off so I could see the hucking w***e’s expression of regret and remorse and surprise at how a baby’s limbs would possibly fall off when you swing it around like some lumpsheyt, in’nit??? Eh??

    Phuck you, Ukraine.

  35. Winona Hart Says:

    That baby looks totally fake, but apparently it’s real. That’s just…disturbing. I don’t care how much yoga experience she has, babies are fragile and are not supposed to be moved like that. They develop muscles by crawling and climbing up chairs, not by being swung around like a sack of potatoes.
    Oh, and I seriously love that guy who said that since all Americans are chain-smoking, crack-addicted meth-heads who enjoy murdering our children on a daily basis, we’re not allowed to criticize someone doing stupid, horrible s**t if they live in a different country. Because anti-American ranting is the only logical response to a video like this.

  36. that asshole Says:

    ok to all the haters out there you’re just jealous that u didn’t have a special bonde with ur mother like that. for that whole 5 minutes theres no way u didn’t stop to think ” LUCKY”

  37. TalkingGorilla Says:


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  40. RobRob Says:

    Good lord, that was entertaining.

    Well, only if it was a real baby.

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  42. Anonymous Says:

    This isn’t fake. Some parents mostly in asia really do this to their kids. It is fucking disgusting and a crime.

  43. Vlidamar Putan Says:

    So thats how retards are made. Interdasting…

    If it’s not fake, I can’t believe it, but this video would confirm my thesis about many women who sees a toy in their childs. A “thing” that belongs to them, can be supervised a lifelong.
    She don’t even know about centrifugal forces. It leads to an aneurysma in the brain. The baby could die easily.

  44. Ashley Says:

    How is that woman not covered in p**s, s**t and vomit?

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