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Lil B “ChefYaBoyLilB” + Gucci Mane & Officer Ross “I’m A Pig” (Cartoon Parody)


I’m real hungry, I’m real hungry. Went to the f*cking zoo and stole bananas from the monkeys.Officer Ross – I’m A Pig

Over the last year or two we’ve seen some classic parodies from Broken Equipment, and this latest one is no different

First they spoof Lil B’s cult like following of fans that want to do everything from have his baby to letting him f*ck their mom,

Next up comes two of their favorite targets, Gucci Mane and Officer Ross in “I’m A Pig.”

I almost fell out of my chair when Ross rhymes, “I used to be a cop, used to be a cop, now I got wanted posters at every IHOP.

4 Responses to “Lil B “ChefYaBoyLilB” + Gucci Mane & Officer Ross “I’m A Pig” (Cartoon Parody)”

  1. Tiki Says:

    Hahaha hell naw this was funny. They are crazy. BBQ PD, lol.

  2. mR R!DdL3$......7 -_- Says:

    dR.Kut [email protected] uX w!t it [email protected]……7

  3. Dessi ! Says:

    LMAOO @ Dah Tranny . Df ?

  4. dtc Says:

    Chef Ya Boy Lil B 1.swag 2.cook 3.swag

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