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40 Glocc and Menace (Black Wall Street) Get Into A Fight [Better and Exclusive Footage]


As we reported on Thisis50

For the last year or so Mobb Deep affiliate 40 Glocc has been embroiled in a war of words with a rapper named Menace from BWS. Things finally came to a head last night in Los Angeles when the two ended up at the same event.

Menace had requested the two fight a fair one, but as the footage will show that’s not what happened.

Although the video is dark and hard to make out in some spots, you can clearly see 40 being jumped by a bunch of bloods. Since when does a fair one mean all your homies jump in with you?


25 Responses to “40 Glocc and Menace (Black Wall Street) Get Into A Fight [Better and Exclusive Footage]”

  1. Curtis Jackson Says:

    All I see is 40Glocc trying to wrastle and getting hands put upside his head.

  2. uk__Starzzzz Says:

    40 glocccccc helllddddd it downnn them n***a’s trieddd to jump him and didnt even f**k his s**t uppp

  3. yo dadd Says:

    it look like everybody was fightin to me some big a*s n***a tried to get on menace

  4. BREEZE Says:

    why everybody say he got jumped. both sides was fightin

  5. 40stop Says:

    bout time n***a put they hands on this n***a… he only f**k with niggas dat aint gon do s**t… but now menace bruised his b***h a*s… now he walking with noodle legs lmao

  6. G-UNITcriPPin Says:

    couldnt even take cuzz down. just IMAGINE if a lot more G-UNIT niggas was there. BWS would have been done. 40 glocc holdin it down he dont care who he fights

  7. Anonymous Says:

    didnt look like 40 got fucked up too me looks like he held it down for all of them cats throwin hands not once did I see 40 get his a*s whooped soo woo my a*s hahahahaha

  8. Anonymous Says:

    f**k that, BWS bunch of broke a*s punks…I got money on 40 anyday bruh….they need to put that bread up and onezy-onezy…bet 40 will handle them one by one cuz….

  9. Anonymous Says:

    its about time this punk a*s 40 got his a*s whip for talkin s**t on the net he aint all that gangsta crip and all that wuah wuah bullshit this is what u get when u cross the real niggaz “Respect Menace all Amesterdam niggaz behiend u blood We roll the big azz joint to this one.. f**k 40 and them g unit toy souljas GGGGG U NOT …Itz Blackwallstreet 4LiFe B***h “Big Up To GAME and the rest of blackwall brothers”

  10. 40 killah Says:

    finaly this bitchazz n***a get his azz whip’d look at him not knwoing where to run evrey where he try to run was a blackwall waiting to punch him in the mouth bitchazz net gangbanger his was never a real n***a and he wil never be fagot azz feak interneet gangbanger its like they put chiwawa vs pitbull in the ring this n***a cant fight , they should just slap a nigaa and give him a chock hold 4 like 15 seconds till his eyze start flipin and then spit on his face. Big Up To the hommie menace and one love to them blackwall family specialy Game
    blackwall fan 4 life.

  11. Yo Daddy Says:

    who cares really ?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    that s**t look like wwf.. that s**t fake a*s f**k………

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Rabble! Rabble! Rabble!! Dirka Dirka Muhammed Jihad!

  14. axe Says:

    fucc that s**t my nicca 40 glocc go in ya heard

  15. axe Says:

    read numba 11 comment, oh fruity a*s nicca talkin, he callin niccas bitches and s**t like u know the nicca CUhhz, take yo raggity a*s somewhere cuhz, nicca said blaccwall fan 4 life ol fan boy a*s nicca LOL

  16. Anonymous Says:

    daaamn they f**k cuzz up

  17. Anonymous Says:

    this is real s**t

  18. East Oakland Roy Says:

    40 Glocc Been A Sucka And Bad CameraMAN!

    But they shoulda shot the fair one not jump someone that’s WEAK S**T!

    -East Oakland Roy

  19. Anonymous Says:

    dem inglewood family niggaz gon get em next blood

  20. FLAHUSTLA Says:


  21. SDCA Says:


  22. ? Says:

    fake bloods where they do that at?a real gangsta would have cut or banged a nigg guns or knives get outta here.i would of been poke n everthing in sight & im a broad.thats y there so many gay girls cause niggs are bitches.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    now we know why most gang members shoot and jump people. Dem punks can’t fight. Suckas

  24. Anonymous Says:

    f**k everyone above me ya all gay

  25. NewYork2 Says:

    Yo son no lie i got Crip niggas nd im out in Ny but Ive been fucken wiht them g-unit niggas since i was about 10 b real talk nd BWS Is some markk a*s niggas not even on the Map The Game is garbage b***h made n***a Crying to 50 saying he want back in the Unit , Broke a*s bitches son Real talk 40 u Hold et down Son F**k Them b***h made Niggasss

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