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Hilarious: Cat Barks Like A Dog Until Owner Catches Him


A cat was happy to bark like a dog until he notices people. He then quickly switches to meows.

3 Responses to “Hilarious: Cat Barks Like A Dog Until Owner Catches Him”

  1. E Says:

    That cat’s just in heat you dumb motherf*ckers!!!

  2. Huey Freeman Says:

    When is the average American going to wake up. They poison your brains, trying to keep you numb with these viral videos of meaningless garbage, when the news ticker at the bottom reads “6 police officers dead in Iraq due to a suicide bomber”. Wake the f**k up people! Do you really give a f**k about a cat that barks like a dog? Take control of your reality! Start asking questions like why did they shut down Guantanamo Bay but the American penitentary system implaments cruel and unusual punishment by bascially letting the harden criminals govern the prisons? More crimes are commited in jail then in regular society. Or why is every president accept Martin Van Buren related? Demand jobs, demand health care, demand freedom, demand reparations, demand equality, demand truth!

  3. gz up EUROPE G UNIT GANG HOE Says:

    n***a waking up wont do s**t for u they still put flouride in your tooth paste ,water u drink and wash your self with that enters pores in your body,you still eat food that they control even organic s**t,you still pop pills that burn your brain cells when you got pain, releated or not these mofos have been running the show since the ancient egypt its the brotherhood of the snake,the fallen aka the aliens who made us their slaves ,read gods of eden great book ,so waken baken or asleep u still they property until they decide to wipe us off after 2012 and leave that 20% to be chipped for their new world order we cant do s**t mah n***a. but wait to be real talk its the kiddddddddddd

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