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Gangs Taking Their Violence Online Via Twitter [RoseMo700 & Boskoe1 Beef]


News coverage of gang violence stemming from Twitter beefs

3 Responses to “Gangs Taking Their Violence Online Via Twitter [RoseMo700 & Boskoe1 Beef]”

  1. Scott Says:

    These fools are just plain dumb!!!

  2. YOyoyo Says:

    Gina Silva is in a porn. Tweet That.

  3. TIKI Says:

    Man that’s just plain sad and stupid! People need to Focus on doing positive things for themselves and trying to become better and successful people. Will all the craziness out here really ever end? If everybody actually had the same mindset or thought process and wanted to be successful and succeed in life everyone could possibly work together and get some things done but everybody don’t think like that or is positive in that aspect.

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