Big Fendi, The Man Who Launched Nicki Minaj’s Career On Come Up DVD Goes In On Her For Not Compensating Him. Clowns Gravy, Says Diddy’s Dirty Money Group Name Belong To Him



Big Fendi, the owner of Come Up DVD fires all kinds of shots in the trailer for the next volume in the series.


Doggie Diamonds of interviews Big Fendi, to get the real story behind his conflicts with Nicki Minaj, Jordan Tower, Gravy, Diddy and more.


Fendi goes in on Nicki Minaj for never compensating him for helping to launch her career. If you search youtube, you will see that before Nicki Minaj changed her image into the Young Money pop star she is today, she was featured on several Come Up DVD music videos as a hardcore rapper. According to Fendi he introduced her to Waka Flocka’s mother Deb Antney, who became her manager for a while.


Everybody know this DVD right here started Nicki Minaj’s whole career,” says Fendi. “I changed her name, I changed her image. Me and Nicki Minaj was arguing because I wanted her to be the s*x symbol, talk about p*ssy and get n*ggas open, and she told me I was disgracing her name. But she [now] still talks about p*ssy and a$$, a$$, a$$. So is she following my blueprint? I gave her to Debbie [Antney] on some management sh*t–Waka moms and sh*t went left after that. Nicki goes to Atlanta and becomes a new Nicki after that. Debbie started questioning me as far what I ever did for her. So now, Nicki hanging out with Debbie,” Fendi continues. “I call Nicki to tell her about my birthday party coming up. Nicki started telling me I need to holla at Debbie. Nicki piggybacked off Debbie to get with Puff [Diddy]. Puff aint did no more. Debbie aint did no more.


After all he did for Nicki, Fendi said he was expecting some form of financial compensation, but never got any.


She gave me credits on her album, woopty-fucking-doo. ‘Shout out to Fendi for teaching me everything.’ I read that…I was like ‘OK, but where the f*ck is the money at?’ I’m the reason why Nicki Minaj is with Young Money,” Fendi claims. “I spoke to Tez, who’s the President of Young Money right before Wayne came home [From Rikers Island]. He was like, ‘Yo Fen when Wayne gets home we gonna straighten you out.’ N*gga I aint heard from Tez since.


Fendi sh*ts on his former artist Gravy, the rapper who played Biggie Smalls in the movie “Notorious” as being an ungrateful fraud with a fake image.


Gravy was my son. Like a n*gga that I took care of like mt little boy,” Fendi said. “N*gga’s jewelry was fake, I got him real jewelry. Anything negative that come out of Gravy mouth about me, n*gga need to smack him for that. Cuz he aint built like that.”


Fendi also accuses director Jordan Tower of stealing his videos and featuring them on WorldStarHipHop as his own and says Diddy’s Dirty Money group name belongs to him.


Fendi says he will end a lot of people’s careers when he releases Come Up DVD Volume 23 on March 3rd.



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  1. outkasts Says:

    How can you be so stupid to put all these people and not get paid.Only a negro could be that stupid in the 2012?

  2. j Says:

    He isn’t getting paid by the artists that he helped out. Are these artists going to pay him once they get trashed on his next DVD?

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