WTF! Compton Rapper Teriq Royal Posts Selfie After Being Shot In The Head!


Allow us to introduce you to Compton-based rapper Teriq Royal, who is making headlines for posting a selfie video almost immediately after getting shot in the head. The story goes: Royal was struck in the head by fragments of bullets from an AK-47. He didn’t cry, freak out, or call the police after it happened. Instead, he decided to post a video from the scene, which, as you can imagine, was pretty graphic.

Royal later revealed on his FaceBook page that the fragments hit his forehead and stopped right on his skull before they hit his brain. He followed up the story with a post of the X-Rays from the doctor and then the actual video, which shows him in an understandably weary state while he reacts to being shot just minutes before. If there were ever a perfect time for Teriq to drop a mixtape, it would be now.

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