The S*x Room @_thesexroom Ep. 12 F. Brii Tatted @brii_tatted With @JackThriller On @Thisis50


All the way from DC, on this brand new episode of The S*x Room, we have the very sexy, Brii Tatted (@brii_tatted). Brii, discusses with Jack, her budding model career, owning her own modeling company and of course displays her favorite s*x position. Check our girl out right here on episode 12. Follow @_thesexroom @jackthriller @frankantonio @jetfrombk @calicoo_ @ashtheprgod

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  1. Avenue Green Says:

    “I’m a Christian man(not to be confused with that classic man), and I just want Bri Tatted to know she’d give me great struggles with lust if she and we’re ever in the same room. I’ve recently finished a whole bottle of The Dreambrands Mdrive, and I ain’t hit nothing like I won the Indy 500. I think that she should prosper with that perspective. [NY, NY til I D.I D.I.].”

  2. King Avenue Green Says:

    “I’m satisfied with my [’08 -] interest in NY, because he bring life to the ghetto. Effen coinside with SK, because when you get too throwed and got to do something that requires you to be on point; everything’ll work out for you (I don’t know about how Mike Tyson mixed alcohol with SK working out, but…). When I was into the street life, like I was when Sabrina’s Baby Boy first came out (…I love you [sic] John Miller) and Ferrari third album first came out (When it was still Shady/Aftermath); I would’ve loved to come across Brii Tatted. I would’ve been on the grind hard (Because you can’t keep a woman without money, and you know ‘niggas’ [can’t] get a job in this country (Shout out to El Chapo…Jimmy Iovine…LA Reid… [Take over New York]), and tried to keep her on side, because she cold (I mean hot [sic]. Sure shot.). I would’ve tried to keep the money coming, because if she sense I tricked off all my paper trying to keep her on side ; she’d leave me. ‘I read that that could happen in a urban novel.’ I know I want to do something with her (Not in The S*x Room though, because it’s too many people in their. “Cameras…”). I don’t even know how to help her with the modeling venture she’s doing, except [my N***a KQ people’s Focus Da Coldest got an Ohio model agency (I don’t know if it’s still active, though.). One thing about [just chillin’] is: ‘don’t nothing happen.’ I try to train my [mind] to be dominant and to make myself and aweworthy person. As was afforementioned I appreciate Ferrari, because things make connections like nuerons [effen] with the n***a; the Power cologne proves that I have the pontential a millionaire , but statist that don’t like Pres. Obama, ‘because he don’t judge the [h**o’s] (I know you can’t give a person an ‘A’ for failing, however.). Really I got the belief that I’m under great scrutiny, so that I can be challenged in my pursuit of success (Maybe niggaz can feel that) . ‘Somebody want to say the right thing, so that I wear an image of shame.’ Ultimately, however, it’s crazy with my success; I would try to get right with Brii Tatted, whether she be at RSV[P] spot, and I got to be on some kind of rich thug persona to get close to her…or whatever; then I would do that. Then I would go get married to a virgin, and live my life to I die; giving to charities, so I don’t die disgraced. I don’t know anything for sure, but I know I want to get with Brii Tatted; ‘she can wear that other [girl] panties to meet me…I don’t care. [Don’t make this complicated…- Ferrari]”

  3. Diamond God King Avenue Green Says:

    My n***a Cash Out Quis said, on the Hood2hood bonus cd, “the streets are kind of scary.” In truth I don’t want to live on these strange hoods, because I could be married to a beautiful woman like Brii [you feel me]. I think I love her, and I know I could provide a stable lifestyle for her when I enact the ideas I’ve been letting mature, from the book businessman Donald J. Trump and Robert Kiyosaki wrote. In that book they introduced to me the four quadrants of being rich, which are Big business, small business, real estate, and investment. Ideas depict actions, which is ironic, because the initial influence for me to like women like Brii is none other than Carmen Hayes! I wanted to marry her, because in Orgy World 8 she was eating snatch, sucking c**k like a vacuum cleaner, fucking with her legs behind her head. I need that from my wife, as well as I need from the world the success like earned by the man authored the book that gave me a new aspect making money. “Do you know how cold this world gets?” I need love. Men who usually go without s*x for along go mad, which if you think about the book author Rainer Decker wrote about the Papacy and witchcraft; centuries of the papacy had people killed for practicing magic, and claiming that they had s*x with demons. Eventually, my n***a, I’m gone think I’m not loved, yet Pres. Obama wrote, “I’m not alone.” However Pastor Twymon from Blessed Hope MBC said that I need a wife. I tried to get this real pretty girl, but she aint go for me. I was at the library the other day and this girl said I was “so raw”. I guess she want to have a baby by me (shout out to 50). I aint have no snatch since 2009, and Corderro ex-freak hooked me up with her (Usher, “knowing it should’ve been you”.) However the girl that that hooked me up with the one I hit, Christina, called my momma house and asked if she could come over and suck my d**k. I aint let her, but I knew she was for real, because she said back in the day when she was with Corderro, “aint nothing wrong with sucking d**k”. She always had some big tits. The girl that she hooked me up with; her snatch tasted like chicken, because I told her when she asked me what it taste like I said “it taste like chicken.” I don’t know if she had “porno p***y” though. I love fucking though, and that why I say Trump for Pres. 2016. I think in 2017 I’m going to become rich, and I’m going to be able to get more snatch than NY. I azz overloaded off of Her azz so thick 2 on DVD, so I’m ready. I know aint nothing wrong with it either, because the biology author Joanne Ellison Rodgers wrote, “men like pornography and women like erotic novels.” I used to be watching pornos when I was a little kid, and people coming over my house watching pornos..Ha, ha, ha. This one girl that came over with corderro said that she’d been wanting corderro come all over her, when we was watching a porno, and she was like she like to see eating p***y. “Yo, however when she I was fucking Christina friend she was letting me f**k her like how Brii Tatted her favorite position, Irony. I match some of her other intrigues to, “I’m tall as a [sic] n***a playing ball.” I be on that threesome s**t to, because I act [violent] [see S*x: A natural history of s*x, by Joanne Ellison Rodgers] (I know you liked to get choked, and I’ll take some Man Up if I need it). I’ve been listening to fifty music a lot. “Do you want to be my wife?” “Did Young Jack Thriller ever get you in another magazine, too?” I know that Young Jack Thriller can do it, because he know Ferrari. I love you, you beautiful African American Queen of eroticism. Even more Young Jack Thriller you my mothafucking n***a, “Do yall where each other panties?” I pray somebody find Pimpin’ Curly, because I aint heard from that n***a. [Oh yeah, I don’t think you got nothing in yo eye jack, because you seen fit to get her on camera. Plus I’d kiss Superhead, but I don’t think I will ever get the chance[.]]

  4. DIamond God King Aversace [G]ianni Says:

    Hold on: They watching every move we make.

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