Freeway Ricky Ross: “They Gave Crack A Stigma So They Could Punish Young Black Men A Hundred Times Worse Than They Punished Anybody Else”


The war on drugs has been one with numerous battles over the last several decades, and as the years pass new ones are produced but crack cocaine continues to affect the Black community. During DJ Vlad’s talk with Freeway Ricky he was shown a clip from Montana of 300’s VladTV interview where he spoke about his mother’s ongoing battle with crack. At one point Montana says he used to want to wipe out all of the drug dealers because of it, to which Freeway Ricky states it’s “kinda like [how] the United States government feels – that they can just lock up all the drug dealers and the problem will go away. It won’t happen.” Interestingly enough it was Ricky’s own family who made him give up the drug game for good. His advice to Montana of 300? “What you have to do is help your people. He has to find a way to get through to his mom.”

Watch and listen as Freeway Ricky talks about the government’s role in the drug epidemic, why he feels “they gave crack a stigma so that they could punish young, Black men” more so than others, and why crack babies don’t exist.

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