Katt Williams Accused Of Pointing A Gun At & Assaulting 5 Atlanta Women, Punching Man In The Face


An Atlanta attorney representing several woman whom accuse Katt Williams of assaulting them and stealing their cell phones held a press conference Wednesday afternoon in front of the Atlanta Police Department.

Loletha Hale said Katt Williams and a group of people with the comedian became violent after one of her clients refused to take a picture with the Friday After Next actor. Hale said Williams punched the woman in the face and even grabbed her crotch area.

Hale also accused responding officers of failing to investigate when they arrived on the scene. She said they were so occupied with Williams’ celebrity status they did include all information in the police report.

The attorney ended the press conference by saying wants criminal charges brought against Williams and the other attackers.

This alleged attack occurred just days before another victim claimed he was punched by Williams. Williams was arrested and charged for attacking a pool store clerk in Gainesville, Monday.

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