Former Drug Kingpin “Boston” George Jung Tells The Real “Blow” Story & Talks Growing $500 Million Weed Empire (Video)


George Jung, famously known as “Boston George,” spoke exclusively to VladTV about growing his pot empire, which was portrayed in the 2001 Johnny Depp movie, “Blow.”

George started out by telling us how he made “hundreds of thousands” of dollars out of college after figuring out that buying pot at L.A. prices and selling it at a higher price in his home state of Massachusetts could net him a hefty profit. From there, Jung branched out to Mexico to get his supply after promising that he could get the weed out of the country in a plane, despite not knowing how to fly. He explained that he successfully pulled off stealing a plane the first time around, but he decided to step things up by getting an actual pilot to move the pot into the U.S., which continued on for some time.

During the conversation George also spoke about making the equivalent to $500,000,000 in today’s money at the height of his career selling weed, which you can hear more about in the above clip.

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