Cam’Ron Responds To Taxstone Calling Him A Rat: “I Went To Jail For Not Snitching, F*ck Outta Here” (Video)


Podcaster Taxstone stirred up a hornet’s nest Wednesday, May 25, during a Vlad TV interview where he called Tupac Shakur a snitch for what he believes was the late rapper’s implication that The Notorious B.I.G. was involved in his 1994 shooting at Quad Studios in New York City.

Tax also included Cam’Ron in the same category.

In 2005 Cam’Ron was shot while driving his blue Lamborghini in Washington, D. C. At the time he and Jay Z weren’t on good terms.

The following year Killa released a Hov diss song titled “You Gotta Love It.”

“O.K. First off, you a b***h n***a / Only reason I’m doing this / I’mma just name 5 reasons real quick, got a hundred fifty / First – you stole Rocafella from Dame / Second – you stole Kanye from Dame / Third – you stole Rocawear from Dame / Fourth – I seen the n***a throw that diamond up before them shots was fired,” Cam rapped.

Tax told Vlad that the reference to Roc-A-Fella Records’ diamond logo would make police assume Cam was talking about someone from the label, which would make the Harlem rapper a snitch as well.

Cam soon hopped on Instagram and posted a response video.

“I just woke up and some n***a talking about I’m snitching,” Cam says. “Let me explain something to y’all motherfuckers. Snitching is when you have paperwork that you tried to send somebody to jail or you sent somebody to jail. Not what you hear in a rap song. Not what you hear in an interview … interrogation room. Not on the streets, jail bars. I actually went to jail for not snitching, n***a,” Killa continued, “I violated my probation for being in D.C. and didn’t tell. So I went to jail on Rikers Island for violating my probation.”

Cam’s video had the following caption.

“#FactsAndFabric I’m not even gonna say a n***a name.. But I’m wit the shits my n***a.. Get off my d**k.. Lol.. And get to da money.. #UfinishOrYouDone and stop try and dis Tupac”

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