Adrien Broner on Mayweather Calling Him an Alcoholic, Starting Beef w/ Floyd


Adrien Broner spoke exclusively to VladTV about his ongoing feud with Floyd Mayweather, and the famed boxer said that he was man enough to admit that he started their most recent beef by “saying some bullshit at a press conference. He then stated, “If I don’t sell myself who the f**k is going to do it? You ain’t going to do it.”

During the conversation Adrien addressed the outcome of what he thinks would happen during a match-up between him and Floyd, and the Cincinnati native says he thinks the fight would be bigger than Mayweather’s fight with Pacquiao. While Adrien says he’s ready to fight Floyd, he says the retired boxer would never go through with it, because he claims Mayweather doesn’t want to see him get paid.

To hear more of what Broner had to say, including how he felt when Floyd called him an alcoholic, hit the clip below.

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