Trick Daddy Threatens Woman & Spits On His Phone During Bizarre Facebook Live Tirade


Ummmm …. Trick Daddy is an angry man.

During a recent Facebook Live session a female said something about what was written in his comment section. That was enough to set the “Shut Up” hit maker off.

“Tell that b***h I’m live too. Tell that b***h keep my name out your mouth b***h before I stick a pistol in your mouth, p***y a*s hoe. You better keep my name out your motherfucking mouth. P***y a*s b***h,” the rapper rants. “F**k wrong with you, hoe? Don’t make me come to your house, b***h. You better get on here and recant everything you said about me. I swear before Jesus … b***h I will bust your head and your n***a head wide open!”

The 42-year old Miami native’s tirade culminated with him spitting on his own phone, after telling the woman he would do the same in her face.

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