Azealia Banks Explains Why She Bleaches Her Skin


Azealia Banks doesn’t see a difference between wearing a weave and lightening her complexion. In an Instagram video further addressing skin bleaching rumors, the rapper raises a few questions of her own.

“What’s the difference between getting your nose done and changing your skin color?” says the 25-year-old rapper during a break from a bike ride. “What’s the difference between getting a hair weave and changing your skin color? Nobody was upset when I was wearing 30-inch weaves and tearing out my edges.”

Banks continues, “You guys loved it, but what is the difference? I don’t understand what difference is, because there really isn’t a difference.”

Essentially, Banks doesn’t feel that changing her skin nullifies any of her previous comments on black culture. “To say that it negates anything that I’ve said about this current situations of blackness in America is stupid,” concludes the Harlem native. “What do body modifications have to do with someone’s intellect? The two don’t correlate. “

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