Paul O’Neal Family HEATED Press Conference on Chicago Police Shooting


The family of a black teen paul o’neal who was fa tlly s o t by Chicago p lice was so distraught at viewing video of the sh o ting Friday morning that they left without making any public comment, their lawyer told reporters. “It is one of the most ho ific things I have seen,” Michael Oppenheimer, the family’s lawyer, said of the videos made public today. with uncharacteristic swiftness, Chicago officials released potentially inflammatory video showing events leading up to the fal shoing of Paul O’Neal, 18, last week. The release came at 11 a.m., less than two hours after the head of the Chicago police oversight agency said the video footage was “shocking and disturbing” and that her heart goes out to the family of O’Neal.
Ja’Mal Green, a spokesman for the O’Neal family, told Flores, “We asked for body cameras, and we got body cameras. But when they sho56ht us, the body cameras aren’t working.”

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