Philthy Rich on Snitches Paid by Police: Informants are Riding Foreigns


East Oakland rapper Philthy Rich sat down and spoke with us about what it was like being in the drug game, growing up in Oakland, and his views on snitching. Throughout his career, Rich has been in and out of situations with the police but continues to push forward. His involvement in drugs is one of the main reasons he’s been in trouble with the law. Rich explained one of the craziest things he’s seen while being involved with selling drugs was his friend’s parents using in front him. “They went crazy in front of me, and I was thinking like damn this my n*gga momma.”

Rich also let us in on his views about snitching. “Two things in the world you can’t come back from, being gay and being a snitch… You come from the streets, and you live by an oath that you take.” The rapper said he was in the back of a police car when officers told him, “We can make this go away,” but he refused to talk. Sticking to the code, he was brought up on is as important to him as Oakland.

The artist talked to us about his legal issues and how it’s affected his growth as a rapper, “I’m not a bad person, I’ve just been through a lot of sh*t.” Philthy Rich has been banned from doing shows in his hometown Oakland due to a discrepancy at a nightclub. While talking about the city, Rich stated, “Imma keep it 100 with you, I don’t even like driving through Oakland, cause I know this is my city, and I know how it is.. You could be killed for just having a nice car.”

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