Kodak Black Found Not Guilty Of Assaulting Bartender, But Guilty Of 5 House Arrest Violations. Could Face Up To 8 Years In Prison


Dieuson Octave, otherwise known as Kodak Black, found not guilty on battery against a bartender and guilty on five house arrest violations in court Wednesday.

Octave, 19, was accused of attacking a bartender at a Miami strip club, attending a boxing match and disrupting an anger management class.

Earlier in the day the defense team for Octave called its final three witnesses to dispute a claim by a strip club bartender that did not attack her inside Club Climax.

On Wednesday the only known surveillance video from that fateful night in February was played time and time again and the club’s manager says not only was bartender Jennifer Cunningham drunk but she was the aggressor.

“When she gave him a hug she grabbed his genitals and said I want to talk to you and he proceeded to tell her you are not my type and she got mad and walked out,” Baljit Singh, the manager of the club, said.

A Miami-Dade police officer also testified Cunningham appeared to hug the rap star on surveillance video after the alleged incident and the victim seemed more interested in her getting surveillance video for a civil case than pursuing criminal battery charges.

Finally, a security officer assigned to care for Kodak Black testified he never saw an assault and it was his drunken employee appeared to flirt with Octave until he said she wasn’t his type.

Since violating his parole Octave has been in jail , but it has not slowed down his chart climbing career.

A top 10 single and a track on the latest “Fast and the Furious” move soundtrack have made the 19-year-old rapper hotter than ever, even spurring his fans to go on social media and in merchandise sales to free Kodak Black.

Octave was found guilty on five counts of willfully and substantially violating his house arrest. He has not been sentenced.

A sentencing hearing is set for May 4.

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