Marlon Wayans x The Breakfast Club: Talks Knowing 2Pac, New NBC Show, Googles Elderly Private Parts, Donald Trump, Dave Chappelle Chris Rock, Kevin Hart,’Juice’


– Offending people

– His new NBC show Marlon

– Googleing old v****a and old p***s

– What he’s bringing to the sitcom world

– The relationship he has with his ex-wife and children

– WWE Diva who says she wouldn’t date black men

– Knowing when you went too far

– How much politics has influenced his routine

– Not spending too much time joking on Donald Trump

– His thoughts on Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart

– Is there Black Renaissance in Hollywood?

– Saying ‘b***h’ so freely

– Knowing 2pac personally, hanging out with him hours before he was shot

– The famous line from Juice

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