Oscar De La Hoya x The Breakfast Club: Talks Why He Felt Mayweather/McGregor Was Disrespectful To Boxing, GGG Vs. Canelo, Drug Addiction, Dressing In Fishnets, Does He Hate Floyd?


Oscar De La Hoya stopped by The Breakfast Club to speak on the following topics:

· Is it difficult to promote a fight when both fighters don’t speak English

· Why he said ‘F–k Mayweather vs McGregor’

· Why Mayweather vs McGregor was disrespectful to boxing

· Why Canelo vs GGG will be 6 to 8 rounds of hell

· How did you know being a promoter was the move after you retired

· Who made you wanna be a promoter

· How do we get people excited about boxing again?

· How important is trash talk

· McGregor’s racial slurs

· Dressing in fishnets

· Do you hate Floyd Mayweather Jr

· Floyd’s boxing style

· Thoughts on Donald Trump

· Why boxing was therapy to him

· What led to the coke and booze

· Family members that maybe affected by DACA

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