50 Cent x The Breakfast Club: Gives Advice To Usher & Kevin Hart, Talks ‘BMF’ Series, Kanan, ’50 Central,’ Why BET, Irv Gotti, Disappointment In 2Pac Movie, Chief Keef, YG, Cardi B’s Success


50 Cent stopped by The Breakfast Club studio to discuss his new comedy show 50 Central and more:

· BET Release party at strip club

· Sketch comedy

· Tiffany Haddish

· Why TV now

· Power

· Conflict with Starz

· When does BMF start

· 50 Central

· Why do the show on BET?

· Irv Gotti’s Tales

· Are you going to be on BMF

· Disappointed in 2Pac Movie

· What advice would you give Usher

· Kevin Hunter

· Kevin Hart

· Music projects

· Cardi B and Nicki Minaj

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