G Herbo – Stairwell Freestyle


G Herbo’s ‘Humble Beast’ album is out, and, well, he kills it. And the unassuming way he cuts through the air of a stairwell at MASS APPEAL HQ in New York City embodies the LP’s title, as the rapper formerly known as Lil’ Herb professes how far he’s willing to go to survive the streets.

“Every day I walk out toting the pipe, s**t it’s only right/ And I’ll go to jail tonight, at least you know I’m alright,” he raps in “a quick 12 [bars] or something, I don’t know.” Real casual. From swiping Nicki Minaj’s “Chi-raq” from under her to his ‘Welcome to Fazoland’ mixtape series, Herb’s been proving his worth on the mic since he was a teen. It’s all culminated in his long-awaited, proper debut album, which, as he instructs, you can get on “Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, I don’t give a f**k.”

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