Lord Jamar Speaks On Miami Dolphins Coach Filmed Sniffing White Powder. Says He Won’t Watch The NFL Again


In this VladTV exclusive, Lord Jamar discusses former Miami Dolphins coach Chris Foerster sniffing coke — and being caught on camera. It was later revealed that the former football coach was exposed by his African-American “side chick.” Jamar believes the coach only resigned /got fired because the video of him doing drugs had leaked. Jamar also alleged that Foerster sniffing coke was probably a known thing, comparing the situation to Harvey Weinstein’s situation [in terms of the industry being aware of it]. “They [NFL] don’t want to be associated, but that doesn’t mean they’re not associated,” said Jamar regarding the incident.He also talked about Kaepernick filing a collusion and boycotting the NFL even though he loves football.

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