T-Pain x The Breakfast Club: Talks Being Owed Money From Cash Money, Getting Ja-Ruled, Alcohol Abuse, The Illuminati


T-Pain stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote his new album OBLiViON and much more:

– Cash money hasn’t paid him yet

– Would you do a feature with Wayne and Birdman now

– Last album was 6 years ago

– Publishing

– Leaving the game for family

– “Getting Ja-Ruled”

– Illuminati

– Getting respect from Tallahassee

– Regrets buying a 400k chain

– Relationship with Akon

– Being a crossover artist

– “Bartender” and “I Luv A Stripper” song

– Has your music changed since you’re married

– Auto-tune

– Any issues with Future

– Worst rendition of auto-tune

– Who does Auto Tune the best

– Conversation with Jay–Z

– Why is the album called oblivion

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