Lord Jamar is Glad Kevin Spacey Got Exposed: “It’s Not Just Men on Women”


In this VladTV exclusive, the interview starts off with Lord Jamar discussing clothing lines and the importance of keeping Hip Hop brands alive. Furthermore, he explained that his hoodie showcases the “real peace sign” — which gave viewers a little history lesson.

Similar to his last interview, Jamar expresses his views on the latest Hollywood s*x scandals. “This is about power, it’s just power on the power list. It’s not just men against women”, said Jamar. He also agrees with the fact that mostly white men have power in the movie industry.

Jamar ends the interview by reacting to a past Sidney Starr (transsexual model) clip. Jamar thinks men to “do their research” — he even makes a reference to Desiigner dancing on Sidney Starr without knowing who she was.

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